Show Them Love

The youth, the millennials, the new generation or whatever they are called, are misunderstood. I share the same sentiment.

Kenzo and I were having a conversation recently about anxiety, depression, the future, the past, youth and generational difference, basically life in general. During our talk I discovered and learned a whole lot more about him and our generation in general.

By the way when I say ‘we’ ‘our generation’ ‘the youth’ all these are from my own personal perspective, I could be wrong or I could be right, either way, it’s just an expression of my thoughts.

We are lonely, the world might have become smaller with all this technology, but it’s as if we become even more alone as it advances, it’s a sad reality. The youth gets criticized and crucified whenever they express themselves and that is in everything they do from music, opinions, clothing and even in own life choices. It’s non-stop criticism from the older generations and sadly from our youth mates too. From our mates it’s cool though, it doesn’t bother us as much as the one from the older generation, especially from our parents. That’s hard on us man, it’s even worse cause all we really ask from them is for them to believe and support us in this crazy journey called life. That’s it!

The older generation does not understand that no one has life’s journey all figured out, if they say they do, then the youth doesn’t believe them, because they know it’s not true. No one has life figured out, everybody goes through different journeys, no one’s journey is really the same as the other, they are just different.

I asked Kenzo what is the one thing, keeping him from achieving his goals. His answer was very long but it basically revolved around his mother. Then I asked him what he would do if he achieved his goals, his answer: “Buy my mama a big ass house.”

The irony of this is that his love for his mother seems to be the cause of his happiness and dismay. I too ofcourse asked myself the same questions and to my surprise my answers were similar to his.

Before the hustle of life begins, we envision making our parents happy and proud, from a young age actually. But than once the hustle starts mostly in our teen years (for some) the rational shifts from that to worrying about how our parents react to our new way of thinking and because we love our parents so much, their rejection of our reality really does a number on us.

The love for them is not lost, but it doesn’t grow stronger either. The rejection we get and feel mostly, dare I say, causes us to spiral out of control emotional and that’s where the anxiety and depression kicks in, followed by the rebellious behavior that is so well documented among teens and young adults. They say words can kill, but silence…lethal!

I bet if our parents emotionally supported us in our teen years as much as they did when we were eating crayons in kindergarten, the youth would have a very different springboard to jump into adulthood with.

But because we live in a world created by God and is ran by humans, it’s no wonder that the world has become what it is today, for better or worse. We are imperfectly perfect and this is best illustrated by Mr. De Botton who said:

“To blame someone for not understanding you fully is deeply unfair because, first of all, we don’t understand ourselves, and even if we do understand ourselves, we have such a hard time communicating ourselves to other people. Therefore, to be furious and enraged and bitter that people don’t get all of who we are, is a really a cruel piece of immaturity.” Alain De Botton.


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