Rolling with the boys

It’s always great to create memories with the people that can remember them for you. 

It seems no matter how many times I go out with friends, it’s always a great time, plus it’s been a while since I rolled with the boys this hard. Also this wasn’t planned, it just happened out of nowhere which made it that much better.

The day was turning out to be one of those days, when my good friend Spikiry calls me up so we handle some overdue business matters. We tried to sort that out to the best of our abilities ,but we will get it next time. So we decide to go visit our friend Wayne to help us out with something.
On our way to his place we run into some friends and get chatting, seemed we weren’t in a hurry after all. The guys invite us for a smoke and who am I to say no?? We head to the smoking arena..yeah we got one of those.

I love having conversations with people that are high, you learn so much from them provided you listen. So we are talking about rugby, Spikiry and I played in in high school one of the guys played club rugby and the other did wrestling, not the WWE stuff though. Apart from Spikiry, I only learned of my other two friends sporting history that day.

The three of us spent almost an hour explaining the game and rules to our friend and he still doesn’t get it, smh. We got tired of that and asked him to tell us about wrestling, he told us about his experiences in the sport, he really made it seem like a fun sport, until he scared me when he started telling us about the worst injuries he has seen, it’s even more fucked up how frequently they actually occurred, but yeah what could one expect.

So we tripped on that till it was time to leave and continue the way to Wayne’s place. We get there and enter into his zone, he calls his room ‘the zone’ with good reason.
Whatever reason bought us to Wayne seemed to get blocked out by ‘the zone’ cause after the greetings, we were already talking and making plans for the night. And since the universe is so kind to those that ask for what they want, a customer came through and hired Wayne’s sound for the night and he invited us to his gig. So now we had money and a place to go spend it. 

While at Wayne the beers started coming in and the drinking officially started, we talked more shit and more drinks started coming. I feel the buzz coming.

Wayne disappears for a moment so am left with my buddy, we start tripping on some music videos. (Side comment: grime music is wack) 

Wayne appears, with more beers in tow, now am just wondering were this night is going to take us, in the mean time ama throw this beer in my belly, and let it do what it does best for me. 

Phone goes beep, and Kenzo’s name pops up, he wants to know where I am..that can only mean one thing. I let him know that am at Wayne’s place with the guys, we will becoming through shortly. Spikiry and I gotta go change anyway, the sun has descended and the night has ascended along with our young unguided mischievous manners.

We finally finish our beers and Wayne finishes dressing, on our way out, he grabs a blunt he left earlier and we head out. Outside his place Spikiry is caught up by some guys or maybe it was the hookah pipe they had. Wayne and I light our blunt and puff that shit. 

We meet up with Kenzo and Spikiry goes home to change, he lives two houses from Kenzo’s place. So Kenzo, Wayne and I walk down to go buy our drugs for the night and than go to my place to go change and smoke, that was the plan. What happened is, Spikiry, Wayne and I stopped at a bar for more beer and female companionship while Kenzo is on hold. We have a bad relationship with punctuality.

But we do finally get back on path, Spikiry is home and the three of us are on route for more bad choices. On the way to the drugs Wayne meets his cousin and stops there, Kenzo and I go and come back and pick him up on route to my place. 

I dress, Kenzo rolls, Wayne plays music and we all smoke. We raid my kitchen for whatever was on deck to join the beer and ganja in our bodies. We finally meet up with Spikiry at the same bar we separated from and the drinking continues.

Not enough females to tell intelligent shit to, my intoxicated state is too pleasant to waste on myself, we move on to the next bar, in the process leaving Kenzo behind and picking up Robert to tag along.

The next bar is even worse than were we coming from, fuck this shit. More alcohol please!

While am waiting for the drinks some dude pulls up on me and starts making some really lame jokes, while also placing his order. I smile cause it’s polite or so I’ve been told. My drinks arrive and just when am about to pay, the wannabe Kevin Hart decides to pay on my behalf, fantastic! My smile is worth a million bucks! Should of believed my ex when she said that.

Onto the next bar and lo and behold, there were women. Spikiry beats me to them and gets the conversation going , I join the group and Wayne comes out with drinks, but disappears back inside, to join Robert I assume cause we are out numbered here, 2 against 5. One of the girls looks at me while I sip on this drink, she mumbles something to me, but my attention is pulled by Robert who walks by and taps my shoulder and my phone has been ringing, Kenzo’s calling. Shit! Robert walks out the bar, the phone stops ringing and the girl is looking at me like I missed a goal or something. ‘Am not that easy, try harder’ was my response to whatever she said, plus my million dollar smile. ‘Ag!’ Was her response, she pulls her face and turns her body to the group and shuts me out completely. WTF did I do now???

I shake my head and reposition myself so I was now closer to her friend ‘how do you know her?’ I ask ‘we work…’ ‘Yoh man why ain’t you guys picking up, were the fuck you guys at?’ I just answered my phone and that was Kenzo’s voice, I give him directions for the fifth time, I just noticed as the call ended that the other four were all said in my head…oh well.

WTF why is this girl acting up, she just pulled her friend away from me and positioned her to the other side of herself, now am sitting next to Spikiry, I think they drank too much. We both notice this is not working, we stand up and say our goodbyes, no more smiling from me.

Robert can’t be found anywhere and he isn’t picking up our calls, fuck him he knows were home is.

‘Yoh we moving pick up some weed and meet us at the bus stop!’ ‘Cool.’ Kenzo is coming with some weed. As for us we walk and patrol the streets on the way to the bus stop looking for specimens with skirts or tight jeans on. No luck there.

We at the bus stop talking shit and hitting that liquor. I swallow the last drop and no sight of this fucker, Kenzo is taking forever man. Fuck it! We hitting clubs right now. Good timing buddy Kenzo made it just in time. 

I swear I have bouje friends, we get in the cab and they just lose it, Spikiry sat infront while the rest of us sat at the back. I can’t remember the song that was playing, but Wayne seems to love it and leaps all the way to the front and turns the volume up, than they all start singing. The volume apparently isn’t loud enough Spikiry pumps it up louder and we all sing at the top of our voices, the ride gets hot and we roll all the windows down. The poor driver is just there quiet as we own his cab and probably make his night. 

I swear someone is always looking out for us, as we eject from the cab, Kenzo miraculously finds a bottle, our good friend Wayne wants to return it to the driver..he hasn’t heard of finders keepers I guess. 

One of our friend had a gig at some club so we go there, to show our faces and love. I love clubs plenty of drunk woman that only hear what they want to hear. So I tell them whatever.

Am talking to two ladies that have half a million dollar smiles, I can’t hear shit they are saying, so I take their numbers. I continue my way to the DJ booth, pass Spikiry who is talking to two girls who were apparently at our party recently, can’t remember them. Finally get to the booth were I find Wayne and our friend, I greet him and share pleasantries. Now I met and saw him, I need some liquor, where is Kenzo with that bottle?

I throw some in my system, now where are those girls? I find Spikiry with the same girls and this time I join the convo, they are talking about poetry, nah not for me. I find my own girls and we get a broken conversation going. Wayne joins later in the conversation and I invite the girls for hiking, I get one of their numbers and attempt to kiss her.

We decide to leave this club to go to a popular one across the street, that is what brought us here after all. We get there but they don’t allow alcohol inside the venue, so we gotta finish our bottle before we go in, not a problem, we start handling that situation, Wayne decides he had enough, Spikiry joins him and now am left with Kenzo, we continue to handle that situation. We finally see the bottom of the bottle and I personally make sure that the view is clear. I silently pray that I can walk after handling that situation.

Am fucked up, and as I walk past the bouncers I pray I don’t pass out. Silently again. I throw my arm around Spikiry’s neck, for balance but I don’t think he knew that. We enter the club and the first group of people I see on my right I start talking to, shit 45 seconds into it and I notice there are no girls in this group am really fucked up now. 

Walk across the dance floor, stop and try to dance, which is not a good idea if you are in my state, I spin and almost land on my ass. Thank you to who ever is looking out for me. Am fucked up.

We end up in the smoking section, am fucked up. We get a table there and I start eyeing some girl who is surrounded by three huge guys that could probably be bouncers if they wanted to. I blow her kiss, no response. Fuck her and her three bouncers. 

I hear Kenzo’s voice, I turn my head to face him, I think I turned a little to fast for my good, everything is blurred out for a moment, gaddamit am fucked up! He pass me the weed asks me to crush, shit I had totally forgot that I had asked him to bring weed with, someone really is looking out for us. 

While am crushing a flash goes off, I jump back to life, fuck I can’t be passing out in a club. Wayne is taking pictures of us, another flashes. ‘Guy take selfies or something, you fucking me up here.’ He just laughs and starts talking selfies, Spikiry leaves the table, I didn’t hear what he said, I think he went to get drinks. Wayne leaves soon after, good no more pictures. Kenzo and I continue rolling, I strangely feel a little more lively now.

Finally we are done, we debate whether to smoke in here or not, nah it won’t work we seem to be the only ones with weed here, let’s go outside behind the club. We walk out and towards the recreational area of the club, it has less people, there is a couple making out on the table, they seem like new lovers shooting a love scene in this club.

We got a smoker’s dilemma now, we don’t have a fucken lighter, shit! Oh here comes Wayne and Spikiry with three other girls, one of the girls is my ex, it’s genuinely nice to see her. Some guy walks past us and lights a cigarette, is today my day or what? The girls take off and we light the blunt up and smoke that shit. 

Ok from here on everything is a blur. We left and got drinks, I ran into my ex and her loyal girlfriends, I tried to leave with one of them. Spikiry was with some girls that were also apparently at one of our parties. When we left we went to go buy more weed, dropped Spikiry at home and than went to my place.

At home while Kenzo was rolling I was playing some music, Wayne took over and afterwards I passed out. Apparently they woke me up and smoked and passed out while smoking. During the second round of smoking I was dead the guys did everything to wake me up, but all I did was grunt and not move.

Gaddmit I was fucked up.


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