This is an event that happened earlier in the year, it still makes me laugh every time I think about it, so I thought I would share it with you.

I love the beginning of a year, it always bring with it a promise to be better than the previous year, to correct your mistakes and grow altogather, real great stuff.

I had just graduated a week earlier and today one of my neighbours had graduated and we were out here enjoying her graduation party, Spikiry, H-girl, my girlfriend (now ex) and I. Being the guys that we are Spikiry and I had planned to go promote our upcoming event at a local bar, were our friend Wayne was Dj’ing,so we didn’t plan on staying long at this party. After the eating, drinking, dancing and taking of countless selfies we decided to bounce to the bar, but before we went there we had to go to my house to change.

Spikiry and I left, leaving the girls behind, while we at home, the girls showed up and said they were bored at the party so they came home (H-girl is my cousin, she lives with me). My girl than started acting up saying she wanted to go home, after agreeing that she was going to spend the night with me, I try my best to convince her, but my attempts were futile. I wonder what ticked her off??

We were planning on only promoting the event for 30 minutes at the bar, but since I now had no obligations at home, we decided to spend the whole night out and party it up.

We arrive at the bar at around 21:00, the place is alright, by the way it’s my first time at this bar. We make our way to the Dj booth, were Lamar, Wayne and his girlfriend Christy are sitting. We exchange pleasantries and getting to chatting, I didn’t expect to see Christy here tonight. The conversations were really difficult to carry out as the sound was loud up here, but we manage. Our drinks arrive and the drinking starts, more conversations flow, am now talking to Wayne and he is telling me about how crazy this place can get and about how the girls here are much easier to talk to. I make a mental note to myself to go walk around later and check the place out for myself.

More drinking, more conversations, am talking to Spikiry now, we are discussing how we are going to promote our event, the place wasn’t full enough to start with promotions yet, I feel the music is too loud to allow us to talk to someone long enough to give them proper information about event.

Second round of drinks arrive, more drinking, am having a conversation with Lamar, am not even sure what he is saying, but I love the energy he is giving off so I just nod and respond with whatever is on my mind, I think am getting drunk.

More drinking, am talking to Wayne now, he is telling me that his set is up next its starting at 23:00, I pull out my phone to check the time, its 22:48 and there is a text from my dad, he is asking where I am and that its cool if my girl wants to sleep over, it’s too late for her to go home this time. I have a cool dad.

More drinking, am sitting on my own now, the music is really loud. My mind drifts off and I start thinking about my girl, I could have been with her right now instead of being out here drinking and having a good time without her, it’s also at this moment that I realize that my dad really likes this girl. Wayne brings me back to reality as he makes his way to the Dj booth, his set is starting now.

The third round of drinks arrive, the drinking continues, with it comes some unattractive ladies which judging by our reactions none of us wish to entertain. I scoot over to Christy to keep her company while her boyfriend is on the decks. I think the buzz is starting to kick in now, cause I somehow end up talking and laughing with one of those ladies, Christy looks at me and elbows me and asks what’s wrong with me, am drunk was my response. We laugh about it and I turn to face her so I cut the girl off, I show her the text from my dad and she just loses it and starts giving me relationship advice, which I really didn’t want to hear at this specific time but showed my appreciation by nodding and smiling.

I look over Christy and see Lamar, but Spikiry is nowhere to be seen. Lamar joins our conversation and I turn back to see Spikiry talking to the Dj who played before Wayne, guess the time for work is now. I finish my glass and stand up to go join them…shit am really drunk now. I somehow manage to get there without falling and introduce myself to our new friend, his name is Dj Stroke he is the inhouse Dj in this bar, cool. We tell him about our upcoming event and other events we planned, in the middle of our conversation Wayne comes down from the booth and joins us, I love the mutual respect Dj’s have for each other. Spikiry grabs the mic and we do a quick promotion of our event, the bar is really packed now, I even start seeing some similar faces. We take a few pics with our Dj buddies, exchange numbers and head back to our section.

I need to use the bathroom, I make my way through the crowed dance floor on the way to the bathroom and I run into my cousin and his large entourage on the other side of the bar, we talk and laugh about some shit that went down last week, when one of his friends ask me if I want to smoke, yeah am down for that.

Shit am really fucked up now, am sitting with Lamar but can’t hear shit he is saying. More drinks come our way, who keeps bringing more?? I head to the dancefloor and start dancing with three girls, one of them is offended or something so am only left with two. I shout ‘you and your friend seem to be the cool people in here’ in one of the girl’s ear, she says ‘what?’ I repeat myself again, she yells back ‘are you drunk?’ Ofcourse am drunk that’s what normal people do in bars. I turn to her friend and ask her name, before she could answer her friend pulls her away and they leave, oh well guess I should’ve answered her question.

More drinking, with drinks in our hands Lamar and I head to a group of people that were smoking hookah, I say something to someone and everyone responds, I guess am selling attention now, I talk with someone until I sit next to them, thank goodness it was females that I sat next to, we do introductions and get conversations going, atleast they seem nicer than our dancefloor girls. Spikiry comes and joins us in the group and brings more drinks, am too fucked up not to drink now so I just keep pouring down.

One of the girls I was talking to takes my glass and pours some into her glass, I thank her for the help and drink down the rest. She tells me she is cold so I tell her to come sit on me, she declines my offer and asks one of her friends for a jersey, they decline to her request too so I tap my thigh and look at her, she smiles and come sits on me.

Its heading for 3am and the guys decide to leave, I remember having my arm around Wayne cause I couldn’t walk, and waking up in my room next to Christy and Wayne, Lamar in my brother’s room with some girl, Spikiry went home the previous night and seven messages and five missed calls from my girlfriend.


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