The Thrill Of The Chase

Have you ever wanted a girl or guy so bad then when you finally get her or him you wish you had never known that person? Not that the person wronged you or anything, they are just what you DON’T need in your life at that stage. Am dealing with that currently and am gonna share my story with you!

You see, some people are just likable from the get go, they just have that X-factor with them, am not one of those people, but this girl is. We met in cab… no let me rephrase that, she met me in a cab, I was just sitting there, while the driver went off to get more customers and she just happened to be the first customer he returned with. She sat down next to me, she was very polite, smiled and greeted me. I think her first impression already had me. Note to self: First impressions count.

We finally get to school and this time she seems to be more into me than I initially was into her, she bombards me with some personal questions and walks with me until my class. To return the interest shown to me, I ask for her number so we could talk later.

This is when I knew that she had attracted me, cause for the rest of the day I had her on my mind. Fast forward to two days later and am on a date with this girl, which am enjoying so much, we share stories of our childhoods, tease each other and all the good stuff. My favorite thing about her is that she knew some really cool hidden bars in town, that was a pleasant surprise. We end up bar hoping and making out in between the bounces, until we end up in the parkings of the mall, having some really deep conversation about her family. She actually thought she was lesbian and liked girls in some type of way. The thought of having a threesome crossed my mind here.

The thing I liked most about this girl is that you never know what is next, every time you see her it feels like the first time all over again and everything you do is better than whatever you did the last time.

But like they say all good things must come end and this end came right after the peak.

Its now been two weeks since I met this wonderful girl, and like every biological machine we have needs and one of those needs are sex, so my body needed to have sex, with her. We been chatting all this time and spending as much time as possibly togather at school, but I had to gear up the ‘relationship’ to the next level, which was to invite her to my place and do the dirty dirty. On my second invitation, she finally agrees and shows up at mi casa.

Now you see I sort of have a laid-out plan for when I invite girls over with the intention of sleeping with them. Something like this, she comes over and we sit in the sitting room, just to get her relaxed and used to the place, when I feel she has relaxed enough we move to the bedroom and there I keep my distance until she is comfortable and relaxed, when that happens physical contact is started and the sex happens. That was the plan for this girl too, but things didn’t go quite as planned.

The girl arrives and we make our way into the sitting room, I was a watching a movie so I told her she makes herself comfortable while I finish my movie. I kept her talking in the meantime while I tried to watch the movie, I wasn’t concentrating much on the movie anyways, I sent for a glass of water so she can literally feel at home and as a compliance test, she complies.

About 45 mins later the movie is done and we are in full conversation mode, this girl is really talkative and that’s good she is now in her comfort zone. I tell her there is something I wanted to show and we go to the bedroom, than the silence returns again, its cool it was expected. I show her some videos and the mood lightens up again, this was the peak in our relationship, the 10 minutes before sex, we had reached our emotional orgasm, and it was in that moment that I had gotten the thrill I was chasing. The saddest part is that I had gotten the thrill and there was nothing to look forward to anymore.

Now I was just there wishing I had never met her, there is nothing more she can offer me and there is nothing more I can offer her. Nobody was at fault, these things just happen.


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