Today was a good day

Am glad this week ended, I have been in a slump all week, nothing I did seemed to go my way, but finally I have something to be happy about. They finally managed to fix my laptop! It has been killing me not being able to use it.

Today a friend called me to come get new series and movies, but I told him that my laptop is still messed up and useless at the moment, he said I should still come anyway, maybe he was just bored. I rock up at his place with another friend of ours and the whole bro thing of talking nonsense and laughing at everything or nothing really, hahaha.

Anyways I found a disc that I needed to repair my laptop in his room and just like that boom, problem solved, money saved. I love my friends.

It gets better, while we were there laughing and having a great time, another friend calls me and gives me more good news. You see we are in the process of starting a new cleaning business and just the other day we went hunting for customers, that was bad. So today he calls me to let me know that one of the customers we spoke to called back and are *very* interested in the services we are offering. That’s super news for any  start up starting out.

So all in all it was a good half of the day and a better end to the week.


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