Heartbreaks and 808’s

Does true love exist anymore, if it ever did?

You see am losing interest in this three week situationships, that’s how long my relationships seem to last these days. Sad, I know.

To be honest I have no idea how I let myself get here, I use to love to be in a long monogamous relationships, were everybody knew that she was your girlfriend and everybody knew you were their boyfriend, good old times.

You see the way my relationships work these days, I find it funny actually.

I meet the girl at a party, school, bar, club, taxi etc. anywhere really it doesn’t matter they are all over the place.
After having a pleasant conversation, we exchange numbers, than spend the whole of next week texting and calling. I eventually get bored of her being a virtual person and arrange a meet up, at my place or her place, well you can guess what happens from there.

So that continues happening for the next two weeks it’s all fun great, but this is also the part I hate and love the most. The best part is that sex is consistent any day is a good day to to the deed. It almost feels like you dating, but you not and this is when it get tricky, your friends start asking if you dating her and so on and since I can’t put a name on it, I just deny deny and refute everything.

That’s how the relationship ends it just fades away after that topic has been visited. Man break ups are never easy, to take or to give even in a meaningless relationship.

You see now I want that sweet sweet love, that introduce you to my whole circle as my girlfriend kinda love, I miss that.

Sometimes I wonder if am the problem, I mean I keep on hitting on all these girls, but am not ‘wifing’ them down. It’s just these girls don’t meet my requirements, there are some attributes am looking for in my significant other, that are non negotiable . It’s not easy out here man, I refuse to settle for just any girl that crosses my path, if she ain’t got she just ain’t got it.

If life has taught me anything about relationships is that break ups hurt.


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