The Sound You Need

Current time – 00:46
Mood – chilled
Current song – (Passenger – Hearts on fire (Kygo edit))

Man these tropical house songs blasting out these earphones can have a person feeling some type of way. Its kinda hard to pin point this feeling, but it draws a picture in my head, something like this:

You just broke up with your girlfriend of two years, so you feeling all blue and stuff, but a friend you haven’t seen in months is in town for the weekend and wants to take you out for the night, you know as good friends do.

(Now playing Tom Odell – Another Love (Zwette Edit)).

Anyways you are having a really great time out and about with this friend of yours, laughing, drinking and catching up..the night is just great on paper!

Now the feeling am talking about is the one that hits you when you had your last (and loudest) laugh, heard and told your last story, had your last drink and its time to go home. The moment you leave the club/bar and step outside, you get a happy feeling that you are finally back in the real world, but at the same time are sad cause you are back in the real world. The good and the bad togather.

(Now playing Aaron Smith – Dancing (Krono remix))

Its incredible at what music can do to you and how much little control you actually have over it. Its just some type of feeling.



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