To be or not to be?

This is one of those posts that I offload the stuff that runs around in my head, you know, just for peace of mind.

One of my biggest fears is failure, I do not want to lose or fail. Being second place is a great achievement, but also at the same time the biggest failure. As the saying goes ‘being number two is just being the first to lose.’ That’s a bitter pill to swallow for all the silver medalists in the Olympics.

Sometimes I ask myself what does it really mean to lose or to fail? Does it mean you weren’t good enough? You didn’t practice or train harder, or in my case you didn’t study enough? Or you simple just suck! What does it mean when one athlete puts in 2 hours of training and you train for 2 days, and he still whips your ass on D Day. Does that make you a failure? In my eyes that doesn’t make you a failure, we can’t all be champions at everything, we can try, but that’s about it anything beyond that you are mentally and physically forcing yourself to do it, thus setting up yourself for failure.

There are ofcourse certain things were we kind of don’t have a choice but do it and meet a certain standard, like in school, if you are studying to be a doctor, there are certain things you have to absolutely know before you can go out there and try save our lives. I wouldn’t let a medical drop out operate on me, simple cause he did not meet the requirements to be a doctor. That does not make him/her a failure or loser, it just means that medicine was not for him/her, not everything is for everyone.

Find what you love and are good at, work on it and live happy stress free life.


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