My best friend’s birthday party

Man, what a weekend I had! It will probably go down as a weekend where most of my fantasies about parties become true. So my buddy Spikiry’s birthday was on Saturday and I being the good friend I am talked him into throwing a party, a wild party where we could go crazy as fuck and not worry about the consequences, that’s what best friends are suppose to do right, lol. Anyway we had to host the party at my house cause things are a little rough at his place and i was home alone.

Am going to skip all the the pre drinking and things that happened before the party and get straight to the main course itself.

The party was suppose to start at 6pm, but people only started showing up from 7 pm, which is cool cause that’s the time I had finished with the sound set up and everything, first person to arrive was a friend i met at a new year’s party earlier this year, so he shows and we start drinking, just the two of us, Spikiry was outside with some other guys that had also just showed up. By this time i was already tipsy and the party had just began.

A few minutes later I join everyone outside and we continue drinking and talking alot of shit, I was already drunk by then, a few girls showed up by than, including a dime called Samantha, we hug and greet each other, than i take her into the garage to give her a drink, she asked where she can put her handbag, so lead her to my room and place her handbag in the closet, than we started making out, it was awkward.

We must of lost track of time, cause when we went back outside, it was already dark and the party was packed, so I get to socialising with some girls that came with Spikiry’s brother, lovely girls by the way. I finish my glass of Johnny Black, I AM VERY DRUNK at this stage. I go get a refill of some punch and while I was alone I glance at my phone and it was already 21:37, and seems people have been looking for me cause there are tons of miss calls  and messages, I reply to some giving them directions to my house and just as am about to put my phone away I get a call from cousin, it was his 5th time calling, and he was not happy about my silence, so I go get him at the bus stop and when we get back home, the party is packed and in full swing, I converse with a few people as I maneuver my way around the house and into the kitchen, where I find some dude cooking, it puts me off for a while, but fuck it I think I was hungry too, so I didn’t complain, I asked him to dish some for me while I go to the bathroom.

When I left the bathroom the kitchen was full all of a sudden and the food was done, at this stage I am thinking to myself that I must be really drunk, so I swap my glass with some beer, thinking this will maybe slow me down (I was drunk I wasn’t thinking much now). I walk to my room with a beer in my hand, when all of a sudden a beautiful girl stops me and starts biting my ear off about not having any weed, since she doesn’t drink. I was in no mood for for her so I walk to my room , but she follows me, she had multiplied cause there were four girls all talking at the same time, I gave them weed and they all left, good dogs. In the room Samantha was lying on the bed, looking hot and all that, so I climb on top of her and start making out.

Someone barges into the room looking for me, more friends arrive.

Man I feel like things are moving too fast now. I go see my very beautiful female *friend*, who is with her entorouge, we greet and talk nice for awhile and grab some drinks and talk some more. One of her friends wants to smoke and ask me to show them were to get some bud. I take them for a trip are the hood, but unfortunately all the dealers where either close or out of stock. Next thing I know we are driving to another area of town and am just sitting there wondering wtf is going on and where the fuck we heading, my phone brings me back to reality, it’s Spikiry’s little brother he is looking for me at home, am wondering what the fuck could be up this time?

We get home with our weed and again the people in the house seem to have doubled up again. I make my through the crowd, stopping here and there to make conversations with a few people. I get to my destination and pour myself a drink, the birthday comes by me and I throw my arm around him and mumble something to him, he mumbles something back to me and that’s when I noticed that we are both not sober at all. Am having a really great time right now, cause I started to notice that people started leaving so the party was coming to an end, I have no idea what i was doing by now, I just ran into Samantha again…

From there everything became a blur, I woke up the next morning in the spare room and with a killer hangover thinking , what a night!

P.s Spikiry if you reading this HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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