New Skills

Times are changing and again times are becoming more difficult while at the same time actually becoming easier. The result of all this is that we are becoming lazy as the years go by.

I recently watched a video on Youtube of young (teenage) self made millionaires and almost in an instant i became amazed and jealous at how easy it seems to actually become six figure rich. Now as a teenager it is kinda considered as a dream to go from high school to millionaire rich instantly or maybe its just my brother and his friends dreams, but anyways I have an extra dream now, to become a millionaire striaght out of varsity.

How do I plan to do that? Well that is one of the reasons I have written this post, i have started to teach myself programming, web designing and everything about the ‘internet’ there is to know. Lucky for me I have a few friends who are studing engineering and this semster they just happen to be learn abot web development or something like, a model called computer fundamentals. I asked one of them to email me some notes they got, and within hours of going through them I think i have created a web site, am not sure yet. I emailed him to explain what i had really done or what the notes were really trying to teach. None the less it was an exciting and fun exprience.

I am also currently reading C++ for Dummies to get a grip of all the technical terms, so I hope this stuff helps me out alot and hopefully by the end of the year I will understand it all and then finally I can start to build apps and become a MILLIONAIRE!!!

Until then….

p.s You can probably tell am hyped up about all this…thats cause I am


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