Showing love at home

As the winter approaches I will be spending more time at home, so there won’t be more time to go out especially at night. With that being said I will have enough time on my hands to spend with my family, especially with my brothers who I feel I have neglected in the last couple of weeks.

I have thought of a few things to do that I hope will keep us all entertained during the cold winter. One of them is watching movies, which I really didn’t have the time do as much as I would of loved to, the last movie I watched was Focus, which was actually a great movie.

Also I would PLAY a whole lot more with them since I read somewhere that physical development is really important to kids. Am just not sure of the kind of games and activities I should play with them.

Lastly I will cuddle them up and read with and to them ALOT And try and find out what they are really about through stories, kids love stories.

I just want to connect to them and see what is really happening to them and be the big brother they always loved I hope!


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