Out and about

We are about two and a half weeks into the new year and am still as determined as i was the day i made my new years resolution. As a matter of fact I am more focused and determined than I was beginning of the year.

So this is what I have been up to, i have been spending a lot time with some friends of mine and togather we have been trying out new activities, like we went go carting, swimming, club etc.

The reason i have been spending time with friends, is because spending quality time with friends or family helps me learn to interact with people better and also to be able to handle and react to certain situations appropriatelyp.

A friend recently gave me another self help book so i have been reading that too. Such books are really interesting.

So all in all what i have been really doing is shaking up my routines a bit and the results are really encouraging. I hope they remaind that way for now.



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