Hello and welcome to my blog.

Hello everyone my name is Olavi.

Am going to try and give a short description about myself and tell you what the purpose of this blog is.

I am a university student in my second year this year (2015) and like most university students, I spent my first year shy and scared to come out of the shell and live up to their full potential the world has to offer, which is sad really. I would sometimes find myself in a group of students working on an assignment and would still not whisper a word beyond what am asked to say or do. This problem got worse when there were girls in the group or just around watching us, its just an uncomfortable situation to be in.

I somehow still have no idea why am terrified of people, cause if  I look back at my last year in high school, I kind of had it all, i played sports, had a girlfriend and my grades were looking good, so…am still wondering.

But all this is changing, ever since I read two books that are literally changing my life as I write this, there are The Game by Neil Strauss and The One Thing by Gary Keller. They challenge and encourage you at the same time to change and improve your life at once, I strongly recommend them to anyone in a similar position.

Ever since I read the books I have been on a road of self improvement and personal growth. I have been a big fan of  personal growth since, so this blog will be about about me reporting my  experiences as I try out methods and ideas that should promote personal growth within me and hopefully encourage you to do the same.

So stay tuned for more reporting.



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