Celebrating Friends

Am in a big mood. A good mood. A celebratory mood.

Not for myself but for my good friend. We are currently miles apart, countries apart actually, but a border could never dim the joy his success brings to me.

I might not be close enough to high five him, but I definitely let it be known that I take his win as a win for us and I don’t hold back the celebrations. I congratulate him and proceed to celebrate his success like my own.

More than his victories, I find joy in his good spirits, his joy. What success does for him and the way it makes him feel, is what I celebrate.

It’s priceless. In most cases words can’t really describe our celebratory moods. But they are all positive and elicit a lot of laughter.

Good times my friend, good times.

– Olavi Popyeinawa


Recognizing Everyone

In almost every way measurable the world and the people in general have made great strides in advancing the human species.

From medicines and cures that eliminated life threating diseases, to a global recognition of the rights of all people, regardless of race, age, gender or sexual preference.

In the history of the world, there has arguably never been a better time to be a human.

Increasingly more people are able to speak up than ever before, particularly those from marginalised groups. Women, youths, homosexual and transgender people are increasingly vocal on issues that impact them.

Namibian women, in particular have made great strides in male dominated fields and as decision makers. For instance, the proportion of women in parliament increased from 20% in 2009 to 46% this year.


Youths too are increasingly impacting Namibian society for the better. A 29 year old chief engineer in the Ministry of Works of Transport and businessman, Sylvester Shapwa’s deed of feeding and clothing under-privileged persons is an example of how much the youth can give back.


Members of the LGBTQ are no exception to this, they too are doing exceptionally well and in some instances are forces to be reckoned with in their respective fields. In Namibia we recently held our annual Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards, which was attended by Lasizwe, a queer South African comedian and celebrity.


There is, however, a lingering difference between youth, women and LGBTQ people, though. There are many programmes that support and fund women and youth, but even the basic human rights of homosexuals are not recognised in Namibia.

Namibia’s legislation (Combating of Immoral Practices Act) makes it illegal for same sex acts between males (though female same sex acts are not illegal). Not only are there legal hurdles to equality and participation, but there are also

false beliefs and the stigma associated with lesbians, gays, transgender and queer people.

As we are moving forward nobody should feel left out, seriously no one should be made to feel like they are inferior to others or worse even, no one should make another person feel less of a person regardless of their age, gender, gender identity or sexual preference.

Keep the same energy you have for yourself for women, the youth and importantly the LGBTQ community.


We are still a growing nation, a growing continent for that matter and for us to continue on this incredible path of unprecedented development, we are going to have to look at ourselves and make sure we are moving as one in the right direction, regardless of our colour, background, status and sex.

Spread love.

– Olavi Popyeinawa

I Took A Knock

Sometimes things don’t always work out as we would like them to. Sometimes they don’t work out as we planned them. Which is fine really, until it hits you.

I took a knock today, it hit me really bad because I didn’t expect it. I wonder who ever expects to have a bad outcome.

I understand that these things happen, am more disappointed in myself that I was not careful and aware enough to detect it or prevent it. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and get lost amid all the glory and success, I was slipping and for a brief moment took my eye off the ball. I paid the price for that!

Am a big boy though and just as hard as I can give it, I can it as hard as well.

Right now am just going to let the event sink in and wallow in my lose, but rest assured this will not happen again not if I can prevent it!

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Emotional Feelings

I find it easy to change my mind, I do it quite often. Thoughts come and go some stick around and many don’t.

What I have trouble with is emotions and matters of the heart, they stick around for too long and can do too much damage in the shortest time. Some of that damage takes much more effort to undo than it took to do.

It gets complicated cause these kind of matters usually involve another person, another person’s feelings and those are some sticky situations to navigate.

But matters of the heart are just never as easy as they are made out to be. Logic doesn’t always come through and triggers can be anything around you, both internal and external. A simple thought or a song anything can cause emotions to rally up.

Like many things in life, a system or routine can be built around the issue and in no time matters of the heart can become manageable and less chaotic.

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Messy Environment

It’s quite difficult to keep straight and focused when your environment and surroundings are a mess. What you consume or surround yourself with will eventually become part of you.

So if your surroundings are a mess, your output is likely to be messy too.

I didn’t believe this the first time I came across it, I always thought that productivity was exclusive on its own. It was just a matter of being physical and getting the work done.

Turns out there is more that goes into it, from your wellbeing both mentally and physically right to your environment, everything will somehow come out in the output of the work.

In my mind I picture the lab of a scientist, a balding scientist with papers scattered all over the place, steam all over the room, boiling liquids and drawings and sketches on a blackboard.

That’s his environment and am yet to see it produce something positive, in most cases it doesn’t and the good that it does produce usually comes about because of an accident or as a side effect of a failed project. That’s my opinion.

However you look at someone like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos and you look at their work spaces or labs, the stark difference comes out, in both the environment and quality of their outcomes.

Everyone is great and everyone does great work in their fields. Maybe some better than others and one of the differences is definitely in the environment the work is done in.

So if your surroundings are a mess, your output is likely to be messy too.

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Family Dynamics

There was a time when the husband was the head of a household and family. When the male species was the dominant species in nature. When male figures were role models and the word family had substance.

That seems to have changed and is changing every year as time passes. Some are in favor and approve of this change, while others not so much.

In a world where everyone is relatively capable of holding their own, it’s very easy to see why women would want to be head of a family and men generally want to take on the role of a woman.

This is not say that they can’t do it, they actually can. It has been proven time and again that women at the helm of any position could be just as effective or even better than their male counterparts and males in traditional female positions can just be as great or even better than the woman.

All this is great in the corporate world and outside the home, but inside the home it’s a different story. I personally believe it’s unnatural for the roles to be reversed, the duties not so much so. Generally men are better cook than women and women can be much more effective executing traditional men’s duties.

However when it comes to leading the household and everything that comes with the territory such as security, there is a reason that responsibility has for centuries been on shoulders of men. Responsible men. That weight has been shifting off those shoulders.

It’s true that some men are slacking and the women are having to clean up, that is unfortunate but it happens. It just can’t be a reason to change the dynamics of the family.

Family is sacred, it has been and always should be.

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Be Honest To You

“Most people are not that person.”

Most people are not that person, they are not who they think they are. It’s the honest truth.

Most people live a life that is far from who are they really are, they think they are someone and live a life thinking that they are that person, yet they know they are not that person.

I know of many people both young and old, that want to be someone, like a businessman or woman or a doctor. Nothing wrong with that, except when you are not being honest with yourself. It could never be you.

You know from inside yourself that some of these professions are just not for you. With all the perks and benefits they come with, somewhere within oneself you know that being that person could never be you.

Certain professions require people with certain traits and characters, most of these can be learned and mastered, but they could never be endured, especially when the going gets tough and at some point it always does.

We all strive to be happy, productive and impactful in life. Some do it for their families, for their communities, out of fear and so on, but as long as you are not honest with yourself, you will never reach what you strive for, never! That’s just life, has been and always will be.

At the end of the day life is one complete picture, we can’t isolate it and only look at our careers in isolation and expect them to give us a great life. You will ruin the picture.

Everything about the picture makes the picture. It makes it real and authentic.

As long as we are honest about it, we can become that person we always knew we would be and in turn have a much happier, productive and impactful while we roam the planet.

Just be honest with yourself.

– Olavi Popyeinawa

The days of our generation.