Valentine’s Day Magic

– Olavi Popyeinawa

It’s that time of the year again, possibly the most romantic time of a year, 14 February is just around the corner and based on what has been observed so far, couples could not be more excited as Valentine’s Day is finally here!

In the same mix it is also a time that causes anxiety and stress for couples, the pressure of having to do something special for your significant other can get overwhelming, especially with the endless options that seem to pop up this time of the year.

The theme of Valentines seems to be drifting further away as the years go by, what was supposed to be a day of showinglove and appreciating your partner, has become in simple terms a  ‘budget breaker’. 

As Valentine is commercially marketed as a day to get your partner the best and mostly most expensive gift as a sign of your love, has left many people with unnecessary financial problems and more often than not an unhappy partner. The totally opposite of what everyone intended.

That is not always the case though, even though that happens every now and then, Valentine’s Day is still a remarkable day, beautiful and special in its own way. With its treasured history it deserves all the hype it receives.

This is also the time that people become really creative and sentimental as they find some of the most amazing ways to express their love to their partners, it is a beauty to see. Valentine can be a beautiful day, its always amazing to see how one day can have such an impact on a community, from the children at school all the way up to people in offices, the magic of love!

One doesn’t really need a specific day to love their partner, which should be an everyday thing. Valentine’s Day just makes that much more enjoyable and special, because it’s a day literally dedicated to love.

The sad reality is that it’s not just for couples, it’s a day of love and all the single people shouldn’t be excluded from partaking in the day, maybe some will meet their partners on the day, one never knows.

So as the spirit of love lives and spreads in the air, hold on tight to those you love and make someone feel special. If Cupid hasn’t shot you yet, he is pointing his arrow in your direction on Valentine Day.

You Should Smile

– Olavi Popyeinawa

It’s all going to be fine, you can smile.

You should smile.

It always works out in your favor.

Either hand is the winning hand.

Dry the tears, straighten your face.

Fill them with certainty, because the eyes never lie.

So much happens, so much is out of your control.

Stay in your frame and do what you can.

Smile, you know this is only temporary.

These times never last, but you know who does.

There is just so much to gain, to get and to win.

There is not even enough to lose.

Smile you owe it to yourself and smile because it’s all going to be fine eventually.

Love Lockdown Part 2

-Olavi Popyeinawa

I really thought I was through with this, it really works me up how I ended up here again after trying so hard not to be in this position again.

Am not sure where am going wrong here anymore.

I really don’t know which side to pick and go for, should I commit this aspect of life or is it too soon?

I know that someday I will have to deal with this and it will become a part of my life. We all have to at some point.

I try to keep away from it, but it keeps showing up every now and then. I guess some things you just have to face head on.

The aim was never to find oneself in an endless cycle that just seems to have no end in view. Nobody wins here. That’s not the aim.

I did some soul searching and even though I know I what to do, it’s the execution that has been failing. I don’t know what to do to get it right and keep it going.

It seems everything I try leads me back to where I started, almost with the same person. It’s a waste of my emotions.

I don’t mind failing, but I have to fail or fall forward, it seems this two steps forward and three back are just not doing me any good, or anyone for that matter.

But if there is one thing I learned from experience, it’s always better to address a situation head on then not to address it all, the bite back could be lethal.

As am faced with the cards I was dealt, I will only have to make the best out of a similar situation, until than, we march on to reach what we desire.

The Month Of January

– Olavi Popyeinawa

The first month of the decade has passed, this past month was the best in a long time, maybe the best ever even.

Am blessed beyond belief and everybody knows it.

I have been having one crazy start to the decade, it’s just up and down, yes and no, this and that. It really has been a ride.

When the month rolled in, I was still in the Cape Town bliss, I had a really great time with the boys – The Beanbag Boys. The year ended on a really high note.

But yeah there was still some issues that I had, which were getting intense as the days went by slowly.

When the clock struck 00:00 for the beginning of the month, I was staying at the backpackers – Chameleon Backpackers, it’s a really awesome place within Windhoek. That was fun too.

From there, that’s when it all started to get real and a man had to make difficult decisions. Those were rough days.

But they didn’t last, what followed next was probably the most calm and relaxed I felt in a while. I got so comfortable at Shade’s place that I felt at home.

A lot of good happened in those two weeks or so. The best part is that I spent them with my best friend, we had so much fun and learned something about each, it was the first time since high school that we actually lived with each.

That was the high in the month, it was a fantastic experience. I cherish my close relationships.

This month Tonny and I grew closer, damn the kid is really rubbing of me. He is a great guy.

It’s now the period that all that can to an end. We were kicked out of the house. We left it very clean though. Tonny is good.

My relationships for the month went really well, especially amongst friends. I worked hard and still am for the ones I call friends.

As for back home, Ndeshi and I also became closer, she is a very down to earth person, I have such a great sister.

Throughout the month we have been really close, she always kept in touch and updated me on what’s happening while am away. She is down for me, I put her in uncomfortable situations and she always never flinched. She is strong.

My siblings and I are great now, the time away really, this was a good month for the family.

Professionally this month has been a learning curve, my goodness! Am doing things I never thought I could and seeing things I actually enjoy pay dividends.

My network grew well, both social and professional. I just wish it could start to generate money to operate and for the profits of course. Also weekly remuneration should happen soon. Still continuing in this regard.

I thought I would be done with the draft for Linea to check my book. She gave some feedback, I want to show what I can do.

While on Operation Success, accommodation is a big issue, it’s been really a challenge, but I handled it as it came. That’s what I do and while it was really difficult I still have to address it, hopefully the next month, I can be able to find a place of my own.

This month I worked on my health passionately, jogging, gyming, getting enough rest, drinking water etc.

The latter part of the month, it totally turned sideways, I couldn’t get enough rest, stopped gyming and jogging, actually drinking a little too much. It’s not been the best in this regard.

All in all this month has been a roller coast ride, from moments of pure bliss to pain.

Welcome 2020 and hi to the new decade.

Wishing the best of love and wealth for the month of February.

Am Sorry That Am Not Sorry

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Am sorry to disappoint all of you, am sorry if in anyway I painted a false picture of who you wanted me to be. Am sorry I didn’t turn out to be what you wanted. Am sorry am not sorry.

Am sorry that I put myself first, am sorry that am working on myself, am sorry that I no longer need your validation. Am sorry am not scared anymore. Am sorry that am not sorry.

Am sorry things had to come to this. Am sorry you never considered my feelings, they matter. Am sorry for when I expressed myself, am sorry I tried to talk to you. Am sorry you didn’t listen. Am sorry that am not sorry.

Am sorry that am working on myself. Am sorry that am free, am sorry that am happy. Am sorry that I took matters into my own hands. Am sorry that am not sorry.

Am not sorry for a lot of things, am thankful for everything. You have been a great help and person.

Am just sorry that this is where we are now, but am not sorry right now.

Your Actions Are Loud And Your Words Empty

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Your words don’t match your actions

When you are required, you ask too many questions

You said you got my back

Yet you never cut me some slack

Am disappointed in you, just so you know

I never took you for someone this low

You know how hard I try

You can see it with your own eyes

You know what I go through daily

Especially as of lately

But you deliberately make yourself a nuisance

Your actions scream pure nonsense

I should’ve known your talk was all pretend

Because like many, you still don’t understand.

Your words don’t match your actions

Because you asked and answered your own questions.

Disagreements And Rejections With The Family

– Olavi Popyeinawa

The family is not co-operative and responsive. They have their systems and beliefs already set in place. How is one supposed to work with them, when the ambitions and desired outcomes are way too far apart?

The war of no words, the war of silent desires. Whoever settles, settles for life and has to live with the ‘what ifs’ that come with suppressed and unpursued goals.

Going against them is going against a systematic belief system that is drilled into a family and is followed religiously by anyone that it was ever taught to. Nobody ever dares question or challenge that lifelong tradition, even when they don’t understand it.

That’s where the game becomes unfair, it’s one person against decades and centuries of traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. Some are valid, but many are outdated.

The valid ones are vital to the survival of the family, mentally, physically and emotionally. They are meant to protect and maintain the wellbeing of the people, those should never be tempered with. The downsides far outweigh whatever positive outcome can come from it.

Those are not the problem, as they are universal and are mostly the same everywhere, a compromise can easily be reached there.

It’s some other expandable beliefs and mentalities that need to be shredded to pieces. They are the bone of contention and mostly the weak link of a family organization.

It’s those beliefs and mentalities that are religiously obeyed even at the cost of the family’s wellbeing that bring stagnation and issues.

Now that I have chosen to go in a different direction, the family is unfortunately not co-operative and are unresponsive.

But they will always be family.

Good Vibes With You

– Olavi Popyeinawa

You don’t really need much to make you smile. You are here, you are healthy, you are alive and breathing. That is more than enough to put a bright smile on your face.

Yeah life can be a bit unpleasant at times, but that’s just life. No need to brood over it, be a ray of sunshine to someone. Spread some good vibes around.

They can do you wonders for you, a smile here, an honest compliment there and touch of love every where.

There is already enough people trying to take away the good and spreading the wrong. Please don’t join that team, relax and do the opposite.

Sometimes you just have to let go and breathe, if you did your part life will find a way to make it up to you. Other times life is the one giving the good vibes, accept them for all they are worth and spread the love. It’s your right!

No need to look for reasons to smile or be happy. Look the mirror and if you are happy with what you see smile, if not, look inside your heart and good memory jar, that should do the trick.

Smile. Love. Spread The Good Vibez.

Thankful and Grateful

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Am the luckiest man alive, I’ve said this before and will continue saying it for rest of my life, because it’s true.

I don’t take it for granted, am blessed beyond belief, every now and then am still surprised at how lucky and blessed I am. Am truly grateful for that.

I can’t always explain why things work out for me, why fortune favors me, I really can’t. Am just really grateful that does.

It’s not everything that goes my way, it’s not everyday that am lucky, but for the times that I am and when things do go my way, it’s mostly in a big way! It’s incredible!

Sometimes am lost for words, even expressions. It’s so much that I myself find it hard to believe. How? Why? I don’t know. Am just really grateful that it happens.

I spread that luck and good fortune around, at times it seems like the only logical thing to do, everyone could use a ray of sunshine every now and then.

Am thankful for all that happens to me. Am thankful for all the blessings I receive. I appreciate it all.

Thank you.

The Fun Is Forever

– Olavi Popyeinawa

It was fun while it lasted, but it never ended, it never ends. The show must go on.

It seems it doesn’t matter what one does, if it’s fun, it’s fun and that rarely changes. For as long as you are in it, it’s fun and it’s lasting.

Fun isn’t all about the good things though, it’s not always enjoyable. Even the more difficult and boring parts are fun. If you are still in it the fun will continue.

No need to worry yourself with the past, missed opportunities, this or that, you can’t change what already happened or didn’t happen. That takes away the fun.

Don’t kill yourself trying to live in the future or waiting to have fun in the future, why torment yourself like that?

For as long as you are present and engaged, fun will be had and will be continued forever.

Wishes Really Do Come True and It’s Scary

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Am getting it all, everything I ever wished for I have it now. My wishes do come true.

And that’s just it, they do come true. They are right before my eyes, they are my reality.

They warned us to be careful for what we wished for, because we might just end up getting it. Well I got it and I guess I didn’t wish correctly.

This is what I wanted, but I thought it would make me feel better, happier or more whole, none of that is happening.

It does bring some joy, but not the way I expected it to. It is almost doing the complete opposite, my wishes are suffocating me. My reality is too real.

Next time I really should be careful what I wish for, because I might just get it.

Trying To Make Up For Lost Time

– Olavi Popyeinawa

Don’t say a word, not now, not today. I just want to take it all in, am glad you are back, am happy you are here, I want this moment to last as long as possible.

We already lost enough time, let that be, let the past keep it, no need to revisit it. Am here you are here and that’s all that matters.

Am not trying to keep you, am just trying to make up for lost time.

Too Kind?

– Olavi Popyeinawa

I don’t want to please everyone, but I also don’t want to see anyone sad.

Am having a hard time trying to balance my kindness and not being taken for a fool. Who is sincere and who is taking me for a fool?

Am blessed and lucky, fortune favors me heavily, so I try not to keep it to myself. In many cases I try my level best to share what I have, to help where I can and give what I can. I spread as much kindness and sunshine as I can.

It’s one of the greatest feelings ever. It is especially great when that kindness or assistance is really appreciated and helps or makes the receiver smile or feel better, even just a little bit. Untold bliss!

I live for those moments, helping and giving and not expecting anything in return, mostly.

It makes me feel good, makes me believe in myself and somehow believe in a better world.

In a way I would like to think of it as a way to balance out life, sometimes you give and sometimes you receive. Am just playing my part.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows though, people can be cruel and unappreciative. One could go out of their way to assist another person and still be bashed for it by the very same person they helped, such is life.

To put it frankly, some people are just assholes, you can bend and break your back for them and they wouldn’t even consider pushing you in a wheel chair. They might even kick it over!

Yet the very same people will not even think twice to come back and ask for your help in their time of distress. Really ungrateful!

Yet you with your kindness and understanding cannot imagine it to be even thinkable to turn away a person in need, especially when your soul is filled with abundant kindness and blessings.

Who is sincere and who is taking you for a fool?

Let’s Smoke The Peace Pipe

– Olavi Popyeinawa

As the the year starts, not only are people sending you New Year wishes, they are also including happy new decade wishes now. How time flies.

It shows just how long we have lived on this earth, how much we’ve seen and experienced, we are the oldest we’ve ever been, yet feel ever so young.

With all that we have experienced and learned and the years we’ve spent together, amounting to more than a decade now, I can’t figure out why, we can’t smoke the peace pipe and amend our tremendous relationship, currently broken, but still tremendous.

We have fought before, been apart before, we have even hurt each other before, all that and more and yet we always ended up fixing and mending our relationship.

You have always been there for me in this past decade, I have always picked up pieces from your amor when they attacked us. We were so consistent in our commitment to always work out, no matter what or how bad it got. We were partners.

I look back over the past decade and you are littered all over it, the good and the bad, you are just there.

So as I look forward to another decade ahead, I can’t understand why I don’t picture you there.

What is it about this hiccup that we just can’t get over it?

How is it possible that out of a lifetime of being together, a small number of only three and a half years could do so much damage that we just simply couldn’t take it back, as grown as we are, how the hell did we get here? My goodness!

I don’t know about you, but am a little disturbed by all this, we don’t have to go back to where we were before, but the status quo is a far cry from where I would like us to be.

A lot might of died or disappeared, but I just can’t accept that hate or any negativity be born to replace the good we had. I can’t have that.

We have to smoke the peace pipe, negativity and hate never fit us and we can’t try it out now.

I will offer you an olive branch, I think it will do us both good if you can accept it. To put our differences to rest or rebuild what we had.

They say all is fair in love and war, but with you I just want peace. Only peace and happiness.

By the time we hear happy new decade again, hopefully we can look back and be really proud of us, for what we have had over the many many years that we shared.